Who Speaks for Islam: What a Billion Muslims Really Think

24 10 2009

 “Who Speaks for Islam?,” the title of a two-part series beginning on Sunday on Link TV, is a benign case of bait and switch. The answer to the question, we’re told, is that no one speaks for Islam — it is too vast and diverse, spreading across too many countries and cultures, to have a single, authoritative voice.

As the Middle East analyst Reza Aslan puts it, Americans are looking for a “united voice of condemnation” of militant violence — a representative of the world’s Muslims who will unequivocally say the things they want to hear — but “there is no such person in Islam.” The voices that fill the void are those of the militants, simply because they’re loudest.




Related Article: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/10/24/arts/television/24islam.html




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