The Tao is always nameless

21 02 2009

Lao Tzu

The Tao is always nameless.
And even though a sapling might be small
No one can make it be his subject.
If rulers could embody this principle
The myriad things would follow on their own.
Heaven and Earth would be in perfect accord
And rain sweet dew.

People, unable to deal with It on its own terms
Make adjustments;
And so you have the beginning of division into names.
Since there are already plenty of names
You should know where to stop.
Knowing where to stop, you can avoid danger.

The Tao’s existence in the world

Is like valley streams running into the rivers and seas.


From Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu

Tranlation by Charles Miller 1991, revised July 1997

Complete downloadable book available on Scribd

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