American Muslims Speak the Truth – Dr. Ahmed Younis

17 02 2009



Dr Ahmed Younis

Dr Ahmed Younis

Dr. Ahmed Younis  is national director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council. He is the author of a book entitled American Muslims: Voir Dire (Speak the Truth), a post-September 11 look into the reality of debate surrounding American Muslims and their country. He has made guest  appearances on numerous television and radio shows and is a regular speaker in government conferences on topics such as terrorist financing and counterterrorism policy, public diplomacy, and issues affecting the Muslim American community. Dr. Younis is a member of the US-Muslim World Advisory Committee at the United States Institute of Peace. He is involved not only in creation of Muslim civil rights policy but the inclusion of Islam in American Pluralism. He and host Larry Moffitt discuss issues of stereotyping, identity, American Muslim political discourse and the integration of faith communities into mainstream America. He speaks on the growth and importance of interfaith conversation, highlighted in a recent Faith & Service Conference held in Washington DC.

Click here to watch the interview at Universal Peace Television

Also see: Dr. Ahmed Yunis’s ‘freeSpeech on CBS (1 min 29 secs)

“As an American Muslim, I am committed to the values of reason, mercy, justice, equality and humanity. Those are American values. They are also Qur’anic values.

I am a Muslim, but I am also an American and a patriot. “




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