Cross cultural communication: Don’t hate, Educate!

12 02 2009

Brilliant concept: The website aims at breaking the common streotypes by creating a platform for dialogue (through their projects) and through cross cultural education.


Why the name ZERO?
Cross cultural communication aims to correct cultural misunderstandings, like taking a beautiful painting put upside down and setting it upright. So when creating a name and image for our cultural outreach project, it seemed logical to take a negative concept and turn it around to show its positive face.

The challenge was to find one which also related to how our culture had served humanity. This is the concept of ZERO: the most important digit in the numerical system, the one which makes our 21st century world modern. Try to imagine a world without zeros: it would be a world without trade, technology, credit cards, cars, planes, space ships, robots, video games, digital imaging . a world without any of the things we’re so used to today. Yet people around the world tend to think of Zero as “nothing” denying it its precious value.

Regardless of the controversy of who had originally invented the digit Zero, it’s an established historical fact that it was Al Khawarizmy, an Asian Muslim whose work on Algebra, Algorithms and Mathematics has introduced ZERO to the western world, which is a good example of cross-cultural collaboration.

Note: Don’t skip their introduction 🙂




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